He Is Risen! We Are "One Family" In Christ

A beautiful and joyful Easter to all of my friends and family!  I am grateful to share the theme I wrote for Catholic Relief Services in this amazing season of grace.  We are one human family. God doesn't choose favorites! 

Check out Orange County Catholic's write-up on the song, and look out for the official launch at the end of July on CRS

Let's remember we're all brothers and sisters in Christ, the "firstborn" through death into eternal life!  We are one family.  (A great big thank-you to my co-writers -- Trevor Thomson and Jenny Pixler!

 Read the article: We Are One Human Family

Ted Miles of CRS says,

“For us as Catholics, our faith leads us to be in mission with and in service to our brothers and sisters who are in need. What I love about [One Family] is it’s Pasquale’s way of joining in that mission and contributing to that service through his own gifts and talents. ..[It] builds awareness, inspires people, changes their hearts."