“Pasquale is a man with a full heart, and it explodes with great effectiveness through his ministry of words and of music. I love seeing him in action. I highly recommend him, knowing lives will be touched. “

 Chris Stefanick, National Speaker and Best Selling Author

"It's not hard to think of a few words to share about Pasquale Talarico...what IS hard is to limit it to a few words! Pasquale came to Reno Nevada for our annual diocesan Youth Rally and so much more. While in Reno, we set Pasquale up to speak to all of our catholic elementary schools, young adults at a Theology on Tap session, as well as our Youth Council. He was flexible and generous. Pasquale was willing to share message and music with everyone; all age levels. He shares from the heart, words and reflections that obviously flow from prayer and from living the walk. We have been greatly blessed by his willing spirit, his practical insights shared with youth, music, and campus ministers during the in-between times, all with good humor. God is good - all the time - especially when Pasquale Talarico is near! Can't wait to have him back!"

 Monique Jacobs, Director of Faith Formation; Diocese of Reno

"When Pasquale was given the stage before almost 200 boys and their parents, he shared his testimony and led worship music. He shared an emotional story of how God carried him through life’s toughest struggles to experience God’s richest blessings. I have never seen a more beautiful image than that which I witnessed at daily Mass. I saw almost 200 boys in baseball uniforms singing along with Pasquale, clapping their hands to the strumming of the guitar with tears in their eyes. This was not scripted. They even giving Mr. Talarico a standing ovation!!! He grabbed the hearts of everyone in the church and took us for a ride… directly to Heaven.

 Pasquale Talarico has a unique gift. He is a young man (the kids went nuts over him) who had a long athletic career (the jocks love him), is on fire for Jesus (the priests embrace him) and has the most beautiful voice I have ever heard in a Church. I witnessed firsthand what our Lord can do to a group through my friend Pasquale Talarico. HE IMPACTED HEARTS AND CHANGED LIVES!!!

 If you have a desire, like me, to do something that impacts others for Eternity, you must include Pasquale Talarico in your planning. You will experience Heaven on Earth!!!"

Mike Sweeney, Former MLB All-Star & Founder of Catholic Baseball Camp

"Pasquale is a great outside the box thinker who commands presence and gives direction wherever he goes. These complimentary gifts make him a wonderful minister wherever he goes.  Not to mention, his energy and youthful spirit make him a joy to be around.  This is the main reason why he is so effective not only in engaging high school age youth, but all that cross his path. Pasquale has mastered the art of teaching the faith to junior high students, high school students, young adults, parents, families and even teachers and other adults."

 Armando Cervantes, Director of Youth and Young Adult Ministry; Diocese of Orange, CA

"Pasquale was amazing! Great connection with the youth, easy to work with! He blew us away! Hire Him Now!"

Theresa Austin, Archdiocese of Anchorage Alaska

“I found Pasquale to be a man that is devout in his faith in God, and looks for the opportunities to share God's message with others.  He is very talented musically, and could easily seek a musical career in secular music.  Instead, he chooses to use the talents God has given him in God's service.  His music is also very well-produced, bringing a good witness to Catholic music and the Catholic Faith.  I highly recommend Pasquale Talarico, and I offer my prayers for his continued ministry.”

Jim Logue, Jr., Catholic Music Express

"When Catholics at Work OC, the local chapter of the National Catholic Professionals and Business Clubs, needed a “Sound” to set the mood for our outreach to young adult business professionals I knew Pasquale was the right one for our team.  His music is simultaneously contemporary and holy, his lyrics a personal insight into his own journey, which is the journey of every young person try to find their path in their own lives, keenly aware that God has created each of us for a unique purpose.  In the world of “Youth” ministry, music is the language in which we communicate, as the mind further develops and the soul matures, the music takes a back seat to the words, however music and lyric united together is a powerful bridge to the “Word” and Pasquale Talarico has a unique gift for bridge building. 

Perhaps the greatest endorsement I can give, for the high regard I hold his music is this.  Recently I was called upon to share my witness to a Christ Renews His Parish group.  They asked me for a song which helped set the mood for the topic, and my talk.  I chose 'Simple Man' by singer/songwriter Pasquale Talarico"

Mark McElrath, President of Catholics At Work OC

“I have had the privilege to work with Pasquale Talarico since October of 2011 and have seen his heart for Christ and for his audience members.  His authenticity and genuineness shines through; he is a joy to work with. We are honored to partner with Pasquale in ministry. I’m confident he will be a tremendous blessing and encouragement to you and your event.”

 Patti De Felicis, World Vision Independent Artist Program

 “Pasquale is a very talented musician and speaker. He has been sharing his gifts with my church for many years and what a blessing it has been! In his music ministry, he brings a great love for God and an ability to lead people closer to Jesus through worship.  As speaker, he is able to speak on a number of topics and to a variety of audiences. It’s been a joy working with Pasquale over the years and I can always count on him to provide a quality faith experience for those I serve.”

 Chris Peterson, Director for Youth Ministry; St. Vincent De Paul

“The Lord has blessed you Pasquale!!  Hehas blessed me as a Youth Minister to know you and be inspired by you.  He has blessed my youth that theyhave you as a source of spirit and fellowship!   He has blessed my Friar who has you to leadhim daily in ministry.  Blessings to you and your family.  May the faith we all have in you inspire you to continue writing and bring us much much more music.”

 Natalie Espada, Youth Minister

“You are truly a man of God,  thank you for being a part of my life, my children’s lives,  and everyone’s lives that you come in contact with!”

 Tammy Mansir, All for God Ministries, Steubenville San Diego