Songwriting, Inspiration and being creative and stuff...

There is nothing quite like writing a song. I often am asked about songwriting and I really don't have any profound answers. When I was in a secular band, I would write songs about every day life. Things that were good and more often the things that were "not so" good. But the chance to write down these "feelings" have always been a blessing to me.  The moment that my life got redirected to God, so did my writing. Thank you Jesus!

People often think there is some "magic" in writing. Maybe for some there is something "magical" that happens. I know for me, it is the simple inspiration that I get from people and things all around my life. The fact that God has given me this gift BLOWS ME AWAY. The older I get (being 40 now) the more I realize that EVERY opportunity to write, perform and even teach is a HUGE blessing from above and it has NOTHING to do with ME. My friend Trevor always reminds me to remain humble and to get out of the way of the work God is doing and that is always my advice to musicians I meet. Let God be God and you be YOU.

We often are so concerned about writing the perfect song that we overlook the simple beauty in the perfect LOVE that allows us to write in the first place. My next project is just that. A "thank you" to God. It is filled with gratitude and love to my creator who has given me this amazing opportunity. One who is so undeserving has been so blessed. From "Arise" to "Fall In Love" this project is one that I am already so proud  even before I have walked into the studio. Why?  Because I finally figured out who I am as a musician....and it feels pretty darn good.

Please pray for me as I continue this process and I promise to pray for you.

St. Cecelia, pray for us!

In gratitude,