Bio – Pasquale Talarico is a passionate man of faith and an inspirational singer-songwriter based in Orange County, CA. With a grand heart for God’s Word through music, he has been a driving force working with teens and young adults, sharing his personal relationship with Jesus Christ as the cornerstone in his artistic work and ministry. On his dynamic and compelling debut EP, Pasquale has continued his thriving career as a regional Contemporary Christian Music sensation with a simple declaration to the world that God is My Everything. “My younger days were those of a punk rock bassist looking for life’s biggest party. As I’ve gotten older, I have found the biggest party is something much bigger than me. I thank God for the gifts I have been given, and hope that with the release of My Everything, my music will make more people than ever dance, sing and want to praise God.” In this vein, his newest album – due for release in Summer 2014 – is contemporary setting of the Holy Mass.

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Advent tour:  Advent Tour CLICK HERE

Latest Single: ARISE --2013 - CLICK HERE

New Album: Ite missa est - will include songs for the liturgy and include all mass parts. set to record end of Spring 2014

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Impacting Culture Journal interview: " Pasquale is a father, a youth minister at Servite Catholic High School, and a mad-talented music artist. His career began in the secular rock and punk scene: live gigs, guitar, original penned and composed songs. But in the midst of a reversion to his Catholic faith, he asked God: What do you want me to do with my talent? "

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Talarico, based out of Orange County, California, is a monument to dedication [and passion], and his latest release "My Everything" is the testament.”  CLICK HERE FOR FULL INTERVIEW

Review of My Everything: CLICK HERE

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